Enriching the lives of Texas' children who are medically fragile and 
terminally ill.

Hope's Seeds Miracle Model

Austin Top

Austin warms everyones heart


The minute Austin was born I knew he would be a joy to everyone in his world. Austin was born at 39 weeks but came out with wet lung which is what premature babies have. He was immediately air lifted to our NICU at a bigger hospital. I didn't even get to hold him for the first 48 hours. He was only there for a week and when we brought him home we thought it would be the end of our struggles. We were wrong it was just the beginning. Austin didn't crawl, walk or hit any of his milestones on time. He didn't walk till he was over two. When it was time to transition him to baby food we started noticing he would not eat. I did everything I was supposed to get him in early intervention, physical therapy, speech, feeding clinic, lots of appointments but he just kept getting further behind. At 15 months his development completely stopped. At two and a half, he underwent g tube surgery. At two and a half, he was diagnosed with severe autism. He is now 4. He has since been diagnosed with severe allergies, severe asthma, seizures, low tone, global delays, severe feeding difficulties and he still is strictly tube fed. Our days consist of tube feedings, breathing treatments, physical therapy, speech, OT, feeding clinic, and feeling with the day to day struggles. Austin has taught me about patience. His smile will light up a room and on the off chance, you get him to laugh your heart melts. Our life is not normal with him but we would not change this precious angel for anything.

You're Not Alone