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You're Not Alone

Help make Christmas bright for our Hope's Seed miracle children. Please donate to Hope's Seed A Very Lego Christmas at Childrens Medical Center Dallas. - Thank you Hope's Seed.

 ​​Help us make every day count for critically ill children
We're able to help because of you
There are so many ways to donate to Hope's Seed. You can become a sponsor of a Hope's Seed event. You can make a monetary donation. You can organize your community organization and create an external fundraiser, or you can donate gift cards, pajamas, toys, ect. We can be creative in tailoring your philanthropic goals. Read more about how you can donate to Hope's Seed today.

Financial donations from caring individuals and compassionate corporations are the lifeblood that keeps Hope's Seed in action.  Please consider donating today. Click the donation button now.